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VOLFRAM offers reliable & complete solution for TDS Based Automatic Boiler Blow Down System.

The system comprises a sensor chamber with conductivity sensor with inbuilt temperature sensor, mounted in bypass to the Manual Blow down Valve.

The sensor is connected to the controller that monitors and displays the TDS inside Boiler and takes the control action whenever necessary.

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The TDS level inside the boiler varies with:

  • Feed water TDS: If the feed water TDS increases then the Boiler TDS increases quickly for the same steam load.
  • Steam Load: If the steam load increases then the Boiler TDS increases quickly for the same Feed Water TDS.

To maintain the level of Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) inside the boiler within the permissible limit, boiler water is drained periodically from the boiler. Following are the two methods used for the same.


  • If we monitor the TDS Automatic Boiler Blow Down System levels of boiler water online 24 X 7 & do the blow down if necessary & required quantity only then we can:
    • Save fuel by optimizing the blow down quantity
    • Save fresh Water charges & its chemical treatment cost
    • Reduce the load on the ETP
    • Avoid Foaming & Moisture Carry Over
    • Minimize the scaling inside the boiler
  • Key benefits: Ensure Optimal Performance and Maximum.
  • Efficiency: Precise control of TDS/conductivity optimizing blow down quantity and avoids scale build-up.
  • More Informative Monthly Reports: Download stored data from the controller to a USB flash stick. Use the data to easily develop reports that show actual TDS levels w.r.t time, temperature and more.
  • Efficient Customer Service: Quickly identify system updates by knowing exactly what happened and when. An event log can be downloaded to tell you precisely when the system was online.
  • Validation and Verification Made Easy: Use stored data from the controller to simply and easily validate water treatment results. The event logs show system conductivity and temperature & blow down times.

Manual Blow Down

In manual blow down, the blow down pattern is fixed irrelevant of the change in feed water TDS Automatic Boiler Blow Down System or Steam Load on boiler.

Hence sometimes there is excess blow down from the boiler & sometimes lesser Blow Down. Both of the excess or lesser Blow down is not Advisable.

  • Excess Blow down will Cause:
    • Increase in Fuel Consumption as Loss of energy in the form of hot water from boiler
    • Increase in water consumption
    • Increase in makeup water cost & its chemical treatment cost
  • Lesser Blow down will Cause:
    • High TDS Automatic Boiler Blow Down System level inside Boiler
    • Foaming on water level inside boiler which may mislead the Mobrey level control & lead to accident
    • Foaming also results in moisture carryover

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