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Automatic Pumping Trap Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Volfram Systems are superior manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Automatic Pumping Trap in India. We have experienced staff that provides you the best customer assist to help you choose Automatic Pumping Trap to meet your requirements. We have served more than 600 happy customers globally. Volfram are known for their quality Automatic Pumping Trap that has gained customers trust. We believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Volfram Systems have completed 12 Glorious years serving the Industry.

What is Automatic Pumping Trap?

Volfram Systems India are the leading manufacturers of Automatic Pumping Trap in India. They are also called as steam traps, Steam Operated Pump Trap. They are essential components in steam systems which remove condensate, air and other non-condensable gases. The Automatic Pumping Trap is used for preventing steam loss that maintains proper system efficiency.


  • Condensate Removal: The condensate is removed by Automatic Pumping Traps which prevents waterlogging and facilitates smooth functioning.
  • Air Venting: Automatic Pumping Traps function is to remove air and other non-condensable gases which improve heat transfer efficiency.
  • Steam Conservation: The energy is conserved to the reduced steam loss ultimately reducing operational costs.

What distinguishes us from other options??

We Automatic Pumping Traps manufacturers provide custom solutions for your requirement of Automatic Pumping Traps. Our Automatic Pumping Traps products are reliable, durable and are made from high quality materials.

  • Experience: Volfram has experience in exporting steam systems that are suitable for every customer’s requirement across various sectors.
  • Quality Assurance: Our Automatic Pumping Traps are checked for quality before exporting it to the customers they undergo various quality control measures.
  • Expert Support: Volfram has experts team that assists you to get the right Automatic Pumping Traps in India.
  • After-Sales Service: The Automatic Pumping Trap manufacturers provide installation and other services to the customer such as maintenance services, and troubleshooting.

Types of Automatic Pumping Traps

  • Mechanical Traps: The Automatic Pumping Trap are which operates on the basis of buoyancy, differential pressure, or thermostatic action.
  • Thermodynamic Traps: The phase change principle is used to discharge condensate.
Uses of Automatic Pumping Traps
  • Process Industries: Automatic Pumping Trap finds application in chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical industries also in chemical industries.
  • HVAC Systems: Here in HVAC efficient condensate removal is desired for the heating and cooling systems.
  • Power Generation: They find application in boiler systems and steam turbines.
  • Commercial Buildings: Commercial buildings are equipped for steam distribution and heating.
No. Specifications Details
01 Pressure Rating Automatic Pumping Trap by Volfram is applicable for various steam system pressures.
02 Material Volfram uses high-quality materials in construction of Automatic Pumping Trap which are corrosion resistance material.
03 Connection Type Automatic Pumping Trap by Volfram has all type of connections such as flanged, or welded, threaded connection.
04 Size Range Different size range of Automatic Pumping Trap is available. Sizes 50 NB, 65 NB, 80 NB, 100 NB & above sizes available on request.
05 End Connection Flanged Ends
06 Available Class #150 & #300 (ASME B 16.5)
Automatic Pumping Trap Applications

Automatic Pumping Traps find wide applications in various industries because of their versatility and performance efficiency.

  • Steam Tracing: The temperature of process is maintained in pipelines and equipment.
  • Heat Exchangers: Automatic Pumping Traps helps to transfer heat.
  • Steam Mains: Smooth steam distribution is facilitated by Automatic Pumping Trap and prevents water hammering.
  • Drip Legs: It helps prevent waterlogging.
Steps Involved in Selection of Automatic Pumping Trap

Volfram Systems will help you in selecting Automatic Pumping Trap that is best suited for your requirement. These are the recommended steps in selecting Automatic Pumping Trap:

  • System Assessment: Check for the steam system's operating conditions which include pressure, temperature, and flow rates.
  • Application Analysis: Analyze the high pressure, temperature fluctuations, application.
  • Trap Selection: It depends on the system's characteristics and its uses.
  • Sizing: For proper handling of condensate and proper drainage trap size selection must be proper.
  • Installation: Volfram provides installation services, though the Automatic Pumping Trap comes with an installation manual.

Are you looking for Automatic Pumping Trap for removal of condensate, air and other non-condensable gases with efficient performance, we are the Best choice for your industrial requirement of Automatic Pumping Trap in India.