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VOLFRAM Offers Small Industrial Boiler which are suitable for plants where there is requirement of low pressure steam & lower steam loads like Small Milk processing Units, Feed plants, Laundries, Hose Manufacturing, Small Chemical units etc.

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  • Compact Layout: Boiler is compact & require less floor space at the site.
  • Lower Site Activities: Boiler comes as a package with insulation, refractory, cabling & control panel work done at factory Small Industrial Boiler. Thus the site activities are lowered & Customer saves on the costs of carrying out these activities at site.
  • Lower Time for Installation: Lower site activities further reduces the time for the installation.
  • Better Quality: As the complete assembly of the boiler is done at factory the quality achieved is better than the one done at site.
  • Centric Furnace: The furnace of the boiler is centrally located which ensures no tubes in cold zone & enhances effective heat transfer resulting into lower start up time.
  • Better Response to Fluctuating Loads: The higher steam space inside the boiler results in better response to Fluctuating steam loads.
  • As a unique feature: VOLFRAM offers Boiler along with the Head Mounted Feed water tank with inbuilt Heat recovery system.

This ensures maximum heat extraction from the flue gases before escaping to the atmosphere ensuring minimum steam cost.


Capacity Range : From 300 kg/hr to 600 kg/hr.
Standard Design Pressure : 7 kg/cm2 (g)

VOLFRAM offers complete package for the Boiler House consisting of

  • Chimney
  • Pollution control equipments
  • Piping (IBR/NIBR)
  • Feed water tank with accessories
  • Water treatment plant for boiler
  • On site IBR formalities

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