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Y Strainer Manufacturers, Suppliers by Volfram Systems India

Y Strainer Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

We are Y Strainer Manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India,Y Strainer in India | Volfram Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Volfram Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Y Strainer Manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India. Y Strainer is widely used to protect equipment by filtering unwanted particles from pipelines. They are vital component in various industries. Volfram provides Y Strainer which is perfectly crafted to ensure efficient working and filters out unwanted particles. We have served various steam systems globally to 600+ Happy Customers. Volfram has Installed 422 of Condensate recovery Systems in India which helped to recover Condensate in various Industrial units. We believe in providing 100% customer’s satisfaction to our customers because we believe that customers are for life.

We export various steam system products to meet your entire industrial requirement in India. Y Strainer Manufacturers in India exports premium quality Y Strainer that removes all unwanted particles from the pipelines. Volfram are the leading manufacturers of Cast Iron Y Strainers, Stainless Steel Y Strainers, Bronze Y Strainers etc. to meet requirement of every industries. Stainless Steel Y Strainer Manufacturers are mostly preferred by the industries in India. Volfram Systems are known for Y Type Strainer Manufacturers that supplies Y Type Strainer to meet the standard industrial needs.

What is a Y Strainer?

A Y Strainer is an appliance that has a mesh which acts as filtering element in the system. They are named as Y-Strainer because of its shape, which is ‘Y’ letter. Y Strainer works by removing debris from flowing fluids. They are installed in the system where the entry of small particles is to be restricted. So by installing Y-Strainers in your industry pipelines do not requires frequent clean-outs, as the Y Strainer filters the small particles and disallow them to pass. Small amounts of solid particulate can cause harm, for this we Volfram Manufactures of Y Strainer provide customization that perfectly suits your requirement.

Functions of Y Strainers are:

  • Protection of Equipment: The pumps, meters, valves etc. are equipped with Y-Strainer that helps prevent particles that can be damaging from entering critical equipment.
  • Improved System Efficiency: Y Strainers are used for increasing the efficiency By removing particulates or small components from the fluid handling system.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Y Strainer Manufacturers provides affordable yet high quality Y Strainer that are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Versatility: Volfram the Industrial Y Strainer Manufacturers exports Y Strainer that can be used for all types of processes like where water, oils, steam, chemical processes are carried out.
  • Durability: We use rigid construction material such as we are known as Stainless Steel Y Strainer Manufacturers due to our quality products that can handle high pressures and temperatures.

What makes us the preferred option?

Volfram has been serving Y Strainer since a decade. We are trusted by customers for our efficient, innovative Y Strainer and customer services in India.

  • Expertise: We have 12 years of experienced staff like craftsman and engineers to provide you the Y Strainer made with expertise.
  • Quality Assurance: Volfram uses highest-grade materials for manufacturing Y Strainer, we conduct quality checks-ups to ensure and maintain the quality.
  • Custom Solutions: We provide customization option to our customers so that you can fulfill specific industry requirements.
  • After-Sales Service: Volfram provides customer service and technical support from beginning to the end.

Types of Y Strainer

Volfram Systems India Pvt. Ltd. exports different types of Y Strainers to meet different operational needs of your industry having various applications.

ast Iron Y Strainers:

  • peration: Cast Iron Y Strainers prevents rust and corrosion in the system, so they are preferred to be used in water applications.
  • dvantages: These Cast Iron Y Strainers exported by Volfram provides advantages like they are cost effective and are durable for the use in low to moderate pressures.
  • pplications: Various applications include Cast Iron Y Strainers installed in water distribution systems, light industrial processes, in HVAC systems etc.

tainless Steel Y Strainers:

  • peration: Stainless Steel Y Strainers are best suited for high temperature and high pressure requirements. We are Stainless Steel Y Strainers manufacturers in India that provides Stainless Steel Y Strainers which are resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • dvantages: Stainless Steel Y Strainers have Excellent corrosion resistance power, they are high durability and recommended for sanitary applications.
  • pplications: Stainless Steel Y Strainers manufacturers supplies the Stainless Steel Y Strainers, Y Type Strainer that have application in, Chemical processing and food and beverage industries.

ronze Y Strainers:

  • peration: Y Type Strainer Manufacturers supplies Bronze Y Strainers that are suitable for sea water environments. Bronze Y Strainers type can be used for other non-corrosive fluids.
  • dvantages: Bronze Y Strainers are capable of preventing corrosion due to saltwater. Bronze Y Strainers are durable in various environments.
  • pplications: They can be used in cooling systems, in marine, and if some chemical process also.

lastic Y Strainers:

  • Operation: Plastic Y Strainers are lightweight type of Y strainer that are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and prevents rusting.
  • Advantages: Volfram provides affordable Plastic Y Strainers, which are easy to install. Our Plastic Y Strainers are maintenance-free products.
  • Applications: Plastic Y Strainers find application in Water treatment plants, in chemical handling processes and are ideal for corrosive environments.


Sr. No. Specifications Details
01 Material Volfram provides Y Strainer, Industrial Y Strainer and Stainless Steel Y Strainer constructed from materials such as cast iron, bronze, plastic, stainless steel.
02 Size It can range in between ¼ inch to 24 inches.
03 Pressure Ratings The Pressure Ratings of Y strainer starts from 150 psi to 1500 psi.
04 Connection Type The Pressure Ratings of Y strainer starts from 150 psi to 1500 psi.
05 Screen Mesh Size Volfram provides Y strainer of different sizes that can suit your industrial requirement and can work efficiently.
Y Strainer Applications
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Y strainer helps to prevent damage to the equipment from unwanted particles.
  • In Water and Wastewater Treatment: The debris is removed from the water before treatment and distribution.
  • At Chemical Processing units: For ensuring purity in the chemicals processes.
  • Food and Beverage: Y strainers help to keep the food free from contaminants.
  • Pharmaceuticals: In pharmaceuticals industries Y Strainer maintains the purity in drug production.

Volfram Systems the leading Y-Strainer Manufacturers helps you to select the best model suitable for your requirement, we assist our customers in Determining the Size and Type, Choosing the Appropriate Material, Consider the Pressure and Temperature, in Selecting the Proper Mesh Size, Installation Requirements etc. We provide 100% customer satisfaction to our clients about the purchase they made from Volfram Systems India Pvt. Ltd. in India. Explore our range of Y Strainers Contact us to know more regarding Y Strainers in India. Explore our range of Y Strainers.