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Today with the day by day rising fuel prices it is very important for process plants to minimize the utility costs. Steam being the most commonly used utility for heating as well as cooling across all industry segments, it contributes to major part of utility cost.

We offer services to our customers to optimize their fuel bill through

Steam & Condensate System Audit of existing plant

Designing of Complete Steam & Condensate Systems for New Project


Steam Audit

Also, the potential for the recovery of heat from any waste heat sources are explored.

We help our customers to reduce their fuel bill by not only auditing the plant but partnering with the customer for energy conservation throughout the process of :
  • Studying the existing plant
  • Designing of the energy conservation project
  • Implementing the same
  • Monitoring them after implementation
  • Evaluating the savings achieved
  • Training of the engineering, maintenance & Boiler team so as to sustain the savings for long term.

We balance performance & cost through adaptive & flexible approach.

Project Consultancy

In order to ensure a plant to run with its full efficiency from the very first day of production, it is very important to have its steam & condensate system designed, engineered & installed properly.

We offer Project consultancy service for detail designing of Steam & Condensate system for new projects which consists of:

Selection of correct boiler capacity & pressure:

Depending upon the process peak loads, fluctuations in the steam loads, various pressure requirements in process area etc., it is very important to select correct capacity & pressure of boiler in order to ensure highest boiler efficiency at all conditions.