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Cast Steel Gate Valves are tight sealing, easy operation, isolation valves for liquid and gaseous fluids over a wide range of line pressures and temperatures.

  • Self-adjusting flexible wedge assures tight sealing and minimizes stress concentration under varied service conditions.
  • Stem-wedge thrust closer to wedge centre for accurate wedge movement.
  • Long guide ribs in the body to minimize seat wear.

Gate valves are of rising stem, outside, screw and yoke (OS & Y) and with Bolted Bonnet construction. The rising stem indicates open or close position of the valve. The outside screw ensures easy lubrication and prevents corrosion and erosion by line fluids. On request, valves can be supplied with special features like NACE Requirement, Radiography, Magnetic Particle Test, LGC Test and for Oxygen Service etc.

  • Design : API 600
  • Face to Face / dimensions : ASME B 16.10
  • Testing : API 598
  • Valves can also be offered with IBR certification

Valves can be supplied with accessories like extended Stem Arrangement, Gear Operation, Pneumatic and Electric Actuators, Chain Wheel Arrangement, Drain Plug and By-pass Arrangement.

  • Body & Bonnet: The body is designed for strength to meet the operating conditions and contoured to minimize erosion and resistance to flow. The bonnet is provided with renewable back seat arrangement.
  • Disc & Stem: The disc provides a fine bearing on a taper seat for tight sealing over wide range of differential pressures. As the seating between disc and body seat is a narrow line contact, tight sealing can be achieved even if any foreign particle gets stuck to the seating area. The disc and stem are held together by a disc nut with allowance for disc to swivel. The disc nut is tack welded to prevent loosening in service.
  • Body & Seat Ring: The seat ring is seal welded to provide a bubble tight joint. Back Seat Arrangement: The back seat is designed to relieve back pressure on the stem packing when fully seated.
  • Seating Surface: Globe valves can be offered with stellite seat, if specified. Stellited seat ring provides increased resistance to ware, abrasion and erosion of the sealing surface.